Chiecas Co., Ltd. was established by Takeo Usami in 1972.  It wasn’t until 1975, however, that there was a huge change in how Japanese viewed underwear.  During a trip to Switzerland, Takeo stopped in a lingerie store for product research. He was shocked to see beige-colored panties being sold.  Up until that time Japanese underwear had always been white because colored or printed underwear were considered ‘shameful’.  However, Takeo liked that the beige panties were skin tone and speculated that the Japanese women would wear them since they were neither ‘white’ nor ‘colored’.  He anticipated that beige would pave the way to colored and printed panties that would give women choice of colors as part of their fashion.

And so, beige panties were born. They were embraced by the Japanese women who were tired of wearing all-white underwear but were still weary of colored or printed underwear. Beige panties immediately spread throughout the country.

Takeo would often say, “We wear underwear every day, so it (imported colored or printed underwear) cannot be a luxury item that only a handful of wealthy people can afford. We have to offer quality products at a reasonable price for everyone.”

That is why we put a priority on establishing a directly-managed factory so that we can produce goods with consistent quality.  When we moved our production base to China in 1995 we continued with designing and manufacturing high-quality and low-cost products.

We want every woman “to enjoy life to the fullest” and “to live each day with comfort.”

Chiecas Co., Ltd. has been passed down to Taro Usami, the current CEO of the company. “Slaffy Plus” was designed by Taro with his father’s vision of affordability and quality in mind. The brand continues to pursue comfort, quality, and affordability for all.

basic information

Name Chiecas, Co., Ltd.
3 Chome-1-3 Nishibiwajimachō Otai,
Kiyosu city, Aichi 452-0021 Japan
(Tokyo Office)
Osaki KI bldg. 1 Chome-19-10 Osaki,
Shinagawa ward, Tokyo 141-0032 Japan
Contact TEL:+81 52-501-0001
FAX: +81 52-501-0002
Established 1st-April 1972
Capital stock 26,500,000 yen
CEO Taro Usami
Website www.chiecas.com


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