Saluffy Plus365

Well thought out design and reasonable price

After two machine-washing, I realized I had been wrong about mesh fabric. It was still comfortable to wear like a usual cotton panty, so it’s suitable for daily use. Their copy of “you can wear it everyday” was true.
(from Amazon reviews)

Very easy on my skin

It is a sanitary panty but feels smooth even on a normal day. Every woman with menstrual irregularity will appreciate it. It feels smooth on my skin and nicely fit my body. This can even be a great daily use underwear!
(from Amazon reviews)

Stretches well and easy to use

This sanitary panty should my stress during my menstrual period. Very cost effective.
(from Amazon reviews)

Panty liner panties

Need a panty that works with a sanitary pad

I want to wear this when I have to go out even though I have worries about that area. This is comfortable to wear and doesn’t feel bad on my skin.
(from Amazon reviews)

Great product for days when my menstrual period is about to begin or end

This product will definitely help me avoid making a big stain on my underwear, …or worse, on my outer clothes, if worn on days when my menstrual period is about to begin or end.
(from Amazon reviews)

No more cold feelings

I was suffering for years from excessive menstrual discharge, and I couldn’t be without a panty liner. With this panty, I’m no longer suffered from skin irritation. I have now less discharge, too. Very happy.
(from a product tester’s feedback)

Sanitary panties

Well thought out from the users’ point of view

It works with sanitary pads with wings.
Good design. The lace trims help hiding the underwear lines.
Stains can be removed easily. Very refreshing.
(from Amazon reviews)

Doesn’t look like a sanitary panty. I like it!

The broad lace trims are very elegant, making it unlook like a sanitary panty. I liked it at the first sight. It holds my hip gently and feels good. The highly-ventilated crotch piece helps prevent me from getting rashes due to mustiness. Very strong.
(from Amazon reviews)

The best colors for a sanitary panty

I have used a similar product before, but it had a white crotch, which was a mistake.
I like the beige version of this product very much.
(from Amazon reviews)

Cloth pad panties

Reliable even on a long flight day!

I’m a flight attendant. I used to have a problem with my period on a day when I have to work in Dubai because I sometime couldn’t find a time to go to a restroom. I was skeptical about this panty at first, but it was actually super absorbent and I could go through long flights with it without any discomfort. (from ANA Telemart survey)

Never experienced a leakage

I have never experienced a leakage with this panty even on a day when I stayed seated for long hours for working. Very reliable. (from ANA Telemart survey)

Super absorbent and trustworthy

It was more comfortable than I had imagined. It fits my body, too.
It absorbs well, and I could spend my day comfortably with no worries.(from ANA Telemart survey)

Comfortable and naturally fits my body

It naturally fits my buttocks. Very comfortable. I like wearing it when I want to get rested at home.(from ANA Telemart survey)

Less items to carry around

I now need to carry around one less mini-bags in my purse. This panty reduced my travel items dramatically.(from ANA Telemart survey)

Less menstrual pain than usual!

I didn’t fully trust the panty at first, because I had never used a sanitary pad made of cloth before. But it actually absorbs blood well, and I didn’t have to worry about my period even on heavy days. I never experienced leakage even after lying down for a while during a long flight. I could go through my period comfortably. I even felt less menstrual pain.
(Feedback from a flight attendant for a leading Japanese Airline company)


No more panty liners

I used to use panty liners every day, but all I now need is this panty. I’m very happy about it because panty liners sometimes give me rashes. (from Chiecas internal survey)

No more leakage onto the outer clothes on heavy days!

It never leak onto the outer clothes without a panty liner even when I’m experiencing heavy discharge. Very reliable. (from Chiecas internal survey)

Stains come off easily.

It’s usually hard to remove blood stains from a panty, so I used to have to buy new ones in a panty cycle. But with Paluffy Plus, I can remove stains very easily. Very environment-friendly. (from Chiecas internal survey)

Absorbent panties

Visually attractive and comfortable to wear

People at a public bath will never notice it as a sanitary panty, unless they pay really good attention to it. (from Chiecas internal survey)

Wide area below the crotch catches fluid reliably!

It’s so natural that people wouldn’t notice it as an absorbent panty. The wide area below the crotch gives me a relief. It’s nice that a thin panty like this can catch fluid that reliably.
(from Amazon reviews)

Feels smooth on my skin

The center portion is made of Japanese cloth, which is a relief. The panty itself is 95% cotton, so it’s very comfortable on my skin throughout a day.
(from Amazon reviews)